Ascension’s Growing Student Body


Hannah Dees, Staff Writer

As you walk through the halls today, there might be some unfamiliar faces that pass by. Our small community of students is now growing larger everyday. Since the Christmas holidays, the high school alone has gained more than 10 new students. This has raised the school attendance number to 320 students with multiple campus tours a day. Just a few these new students are Faith Robinson (freshman), Ava Breaux (freshman), Elliot Buxton (freshman), Erin McFaul (junior), and Jillian Blackburn (junior). A new group of students means new talents that will be added to our sports programs such as track, volleyball, and cheerleading. Unfortunately, these athletes are ineligible to participate in sports their first year, but this gives them time to practice with their new teams.

Many of these new faces left large school environments in which they¬†rarely knew everyone’s name. When asked how Ascension is different from their other schools, many responded in favor of breaks and a less strict learning environment. Jillian Blackburn, a junior previously attending¬†St. Thomas Moore, said “We never had breaks or any free time, really. Classes sizes were usually very large which made it harder to have a personal connection with the teacher. Here at Ascension learning is much more enjoyable with a direct one-on-one teaching style.” Ascension’s growth has really taken off in the recent years and is projected to continue growing in a strong Christian community!