September Teacher of the Month Spotlight


Meghan Hartman, Staff Writer

The awesome student and teacher of the month for September both happen to be new faces at Ascension, and they have clearly received warm welcomes and are great fits for the Ascension community!

Poco Dunbar, freshman, was nominated by someone who said, “He’s so nice and welcoming! He always holds the door open for me and is just a sweetie.” The fact that he has only been at AES since August and has already won student of the month says a lot about his character!

When asked what he thinks about AES, he said,

“It’s all new to me. I like the environment here, and the football team has made me feel at home. The coaches helped me out a lot too, and everyone here is nice and friendly. I am more involved here than I could be at my old school.”

Miss Roz Robertson, the new art teacher, was voted teacher of the month. In the anonymous nomination, it was said that “she is always super happy and positive! Every time I see her she never fails to brighten my day!” Most of the school would agree with this statement as well!

To find out a bit more about Miss Roz, here are her thoughts about being a teacher at Ascension:

“I am LOVING Ascension! Everyone has been so welcoming, and I am so impressed by my peers’ enthusiasm for education. It is a very inspirational place to work. I am really dumbfounded that I was elected teacher of the month. My fellow educators are truly amazing and inspiring individuals. I am not sure how one chooses only one teacher of the month, everyone here is so phenomenal!

I feel like it has been a very smooth transition for me. Like I said, everyone is so welcoming here, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to teach such caring and brilliant students about art. I have been passionate about the arts since I was a three years old and it is really a dream come true to teach at a school that has meant so much to me (I am a Blue Gator Alumna for those who did not know).”

It seems that the students and faculty of Ascension keep getting better each year!