Dual Enrollment English Project Focuses on Improving AES.

Dual Enrollment English Project Focuses on Improving AES.

Class project by Sara Wortman

English IV Honors Dual Enrollment is doing a project on how to make the Ascension Sugar Mill Pond Campus better.

Each student had to pick a topic and then make a visual argument poster about it.  They identify a problem or a need they feel is wrong with or at the campus.  Then they come up with a reasonable solution to fill the need or fix the problem identified.

The argument must be constructive and not sarcastic, condescending, or destructive.  Mrs. Lobello asked each student to approach the assignment as a “true community advocate working to improve AES-SMP”. The project should speak to and engage the community about the issue. The topics range from iPad cases to schedule changes to equality of sports.

The majority of the projects will consist of data collected by the student.  This data can be collected from an anonymous survey, an interview, or from walk around data.  The anonymous surveys are sent to a select group of students, teachers, or both.  The surveys are not sent to everyone, just the people that pertain to the subject.  Some students have been interviewing teachers and administration who have a say as to why they have been doing the things they have been.

The students must make good use of type, layout, color, and images.  These are all important aspects of argumentative posters. They must make sure their visual designs grab the audience’s attention.  They will present their poster and visual argument in a 10-minute presentation.  There will be a panel of three of their peers who will ask them questions about their argument, poster, and design layout.  Also, Mrs. Arabie, Mr. Quick, and all faulty and administration are invited to sit in on the presentations to see what the students feel could be better with Ascension.

Senior, Veronica Droulia is doing her project on the iPad cases.  She chose this topic because, “It’s always something I’ve been adamant about, I’ve always hated them”.

She was asked if she thinks this project could really help change the problems and she replied,

“Hopefully! I think it’s great that the students have the opportunity to express their opinions about the school.”

Students want to do their very best on this project, not only because it is a 250-point grade, but also they truly are looking to better Ascension for the future.