Homecoming Court 2014

Homecoming Court 2014

One of the most exciting weeks of the year is here: Homecoming!  Football players are getting ready for their big game, and the girls are preparing for the dance.  Twelve girls are especially eager for Homecoming, since they are on Court.  This year, Court consists of four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, two freshmen, and one eight grader: Victoria Barczyk, Veronica Droulia, Jessica Greco, Victoria Dore, Mary-Catherine Franques, Reagan Thompson, Megan Clark, Elizabeth Lee, Taylor Guidry, Madeleine Thibeaux, Sydney Smith, and Jillian Barczyk.

Being on Homecoming Court means these girls are required to attend the football game, the bonfire, the dance, as well as participating in the weekly activities.

The girls were asked what they were most looking forward to for Homecoming and Court.  Some of them are excited for the entire week of Homecoming, like Sophomore Elizabeth Lee, while others cannot wait to support the boys for the football game.  Sophomore Taylor Guidry says,

“I am definitely looking forward to the football game! Since I’m a cheerleader, I never really get to watch the game, so I’m super excited about getting to really watch the game,” said Sophomore Taylor Guidry.  “Plus, who doesn’t love wearing giant hats?”

Victoria Barczyk said the Homecoming Tea is her favorite part because of all the great food.

“It’s so much fun! When I applied my sophomore year, I honestly just did it because a bunch of my friends were, it was such a great experience that I had to keep applying,” said Senior Veronica Droulia.

What is really cool is that two sisters are on Court together.  Eight grader Jillian Barczyk is thrilled to share the experience with her senior sister Victoria Barczyk.

“I am really looking forward to being on Court with my little sister before I leave,” said Victoria.

Being on Homecoming Court is a great honor.

“To me being on court shows that people feel I have done a good job of representing the school virtues, and showing leadership skills in the things I do,” said Freshman Sydney Smith.

Freshman Madeleine Thibeaux cannot wait to watch the football game with the other girls and get to know them better.  “For me, being on the Court is an honor, and it makes me so happy that I get to represent our school during Homecoming week!”

To get to know the girls better, they were asked what they like to do for fun.  Some of the girls play sport like soccer, swimming, and cheerleading.  While others are more artsy and like to play and listen to music.  Senior Veronica likes to, “Instagram (if that’s even a word), video graph and photograph, travel, cook, and do crazy things like cliff jumping!”

Make sure to come out and support the football team, as well as find out Homecoming Queen of 2014!