Gators Give Thanks


Artwork by Veronica Droulia

Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving break is on the way. This Friday, November 22 at 3:15 PM, all Ascension students will be off school for an entire week!

This Thanksgiving break, Mrs. Chance is taking multiple students on a trip to England.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to go on this trip with my friends,” said Junior Juliet Mills says. Although, she reassures us that she will be eating her mother’s leftovers when she gets home. Also, Senior Michael Dalman “cannot wait to be out of school and travel to England!”

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate what we’re thankful for and eat…a lot. Ironically, senior Molly Dauterive is getting her wisdom teeth taken out during the upcoming break. She doesn’t seem to excited for that! Also, she explains that her favorite Thanksgiving dish is spinach, and she is thankful for feminism.

Senior Logan Daigle is playing in a basketball tournament over the break. The basketball team is hosting an Invitational Tournament, and Logan can’t wait to take the court!

Many students are staying home and spending time with their families, including, senior Natalie Main, who is “thankful for such a wonderful sister”. Also, Junior Victoria Doré is spending time with her grandmother and eating her favorite Thanksgiving dish, her grandmother’s pecan pie. Victoria is thankful for her family and her blessings.

Senior Brittney Tomlin will also be spending time with the members of her family. She will also be working at Morgan Claire Boutique over the break. Brittney loves Thanksgiving food; she can’t wait for the mashed potatoes!

Obviously, students cannot wait for this upcoming week! Here at Ascension, students are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a nice meal with their families and friends on Thanksgiving. Which is why, until Friday, November 22, students have the opportunity to donate canned food items for families in Youngsville. By doing this, these families, who cannot afford a nice meal, will be able to enjoy a hot Thanksgiving dinner.  So bring in your cans, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!