Majority for Seniority

Majority for Seniority

Seniority is a term widely used to describe the superiority with which the graduating class is privileged. Lately, it has become a popular topic among the senior class of when, or even if, they are getting any special treatment this year, such as senior parking spots, a senior stairwell, a senior lunch, senior prank, and…you get the idea. Members of the student body have their own views on the subject.

Most of the seniors agree that the privileges are a wonderful addition to their last year.

“I think they’re pretty sweet. I can’t wait to not have to walk 40 miles to get across the parking lot into school,” said Senior Amanda Rabalais.

As Anne Landry put it, “Senior privileges are an Ascension tradition. It’s fun to take part.”

Students and faculty often argue over whether these benefits are truly entitled privileges or well deserved rights. According to seniors, there is no question about whether or not the privileges are justifiable. When it comes to reasoning, the seniors believe their dedication should be rewarded.

“We deserve them because we survived four years of high school,” said Reagan Benit. “Fight for the right… to park.”

When asking underclassmen, some of them have a different outlook on the matter. For example, Sophomore Cole Menard said that he thinks senior privileges are unfair, and he won’t change his mind when he is a senior.

“We should all be treated equally,” he explained.

The one senior privilege that’s been in high demand is the senior parking spots, which are the designated spots in the front row of the parking lot. Seniors are already planning the designs for their future spots. Some people are planning basketballs, initials, flowers, even a deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter.”

Some students are getting a little more personal with their designs.

Reagan Benit, for example, intends to write “UGH” on hers. And Sydney Renard’s will read “Don’t touch my parking space”.

With the transition time between classes being cut down from four to three minutes, students have become even more frantic when trying to get to their classes on time. The library stairwell has been known to be the most efficient way to get to and from the first and second floor and has previously been proclaimed as the “senior” stairwell, yet other grades use it without consequence.

When asked if they would rather a senior stairwell or a senior elevator, seniors had mixed responses.

“I think we should be allowed to use the elevator when we’re seniors since we only have three minutes to get to class,” said Logan Daigle.

Charity Jackson answered, “The elevator. It sounds cool, but we couldn’t all fit in it”.

There is one senior tradition that has lasted the ages and made an appearance in high schools across the country. It allows the senior class to make a lasting impression on their school and send a final message to the faculty that have gone on their journey with them- the infamous senior prank. Some seniors are already plotting for the special day.

“Set squirrels and chickens loose inside the building. That would be hilarious. But I wouldn’t want Miss Rose to have to clean all that up,” said an anonymous senior.

Although these privileges are supposed to be for seniors only, some underclassmen just can’t help themselves. Seniors can become quite territorial over what is there’s and want the violators to be dealt with.

“The stairwell doesn’t bother me but the parking lot does,” said Laurel.  “It’s obvious that the first two rows are for seniors only.”

Seniors have other ideas of what privileges they would like to enjoy.

“We should be able to wear our college sweatshirts all year,” Laurel added.

Charity Jackson said that seniors should be able to have off-campus lunch all year.

Senior year is undoubtedly the most stressful year in a high schooler’s career. It’s full of ACTs, SATs, APs, and dreadful college applications. Why not have a few benefits to ease the inevitable panic attacks awaiting seniors after graduation?