Quiz Bowl Team Shines to Compete at State

Quiz Bowl Team Shines to Compete at State

The upper school Quiz Bowl team placed 2nd in a Quiz Bowl match on Saturday, March 10 at the Academy of Sacred Heart.

Luke Butcher, Emily Daly, Emily Strenge, Bennett Anderson, and Samantha Sawvel beat out 7 out of 9 schools but came up short to ESA due to needing more people from the higher grades to join.

“We directly beat out Starks High School and Academy of Sacred Heart, but we lost to ESA due to lack of Physics and Calculus knowledge because we are just a Freshmen team,” Luke said about the Quiz Bowl.

Emily Daly, Bennett Anderson, and Luke Butcher all said that they love to be a part of the Quiz Bowl team.  They practice almost everyday in Mr. Sierveld’s classroom, and the team wants more people to join them to compete at State this Saturday.

“I am willing to teach anyone who is slightly interested in joining the Quiz Bowl,” said Freshman Emily Daly.