Homecoming Weekend Wins Approval

Homecoming Weekend Wins Approval

The Gators won their Friday night game against Houma Christian with a score of 28-14.  What a great way to start off the homecoming weekend!  This makes the Gators 4-1.

“We knew we were going to win the game, but being 4-1 feels great,” said Senior William Barry, #20 on the football team.

Congratulations to Senior Rachelle Mosing who was elected as the Homecoming Queen of 2010.

“I was extremely surprised, and I am so happy that I was chosen to represent my school as Homecoming Queen,” said Rachelle.

According to The Authored Ascension’s poll, the students’ favorite activities for the week were the watermelon and pie-eating contests.  Students also enjoyed dressing up each day according to a specific theme.

There was a great turn out at the dance Saturday night.  The majority of the Upper School attended.

“The dance was really well put together and very magical,” said Freshman Will Boland.   “I had a great time with my fellow school people!”

The theme of the dance was “The Oscars”.  Although it was extremely hot, the students had a blast.  The large fan brought into the library also helped to cool things off.