Caesar Salad Royalty

Caesar Salad Royalty

Today, I will be reviewing restaurants based on their Caesar Salads. 

Ruth’s Chris

The reason why I ranked this restaurant so high is that the quality of their salad and dressing is the best in the area and higher quality food creates a fresher taste; hence, that’s why it is pricier than the other salads, but it is worth the amount of money because you get a large portion to where you can take the rest home after.

Mazen Grill

Mazen Grill is second to highest because they have all of the components of Ruth’s Chris, but they put pecans in the salad, and there’s too much dressing to salad ratio.  


Their dressing is very good, but their quality of lettuce is not as high as the other two restaurants ranked above. Also, their quality of parmesan is not as good as the other restaurants.  


Their salad dressing is not the best, but they have good salad quality, and they don’t drown the lettuce in the dressing, and the parmesan is decent.


Their dressing is subpar, but their lettuce is good, and they drown their salad in dressing. It has a very appealing look and taste. Their salad is also reasonably priced with the portions that you are given.

La Madeleine 

Their lettuce quality is poor and tastes bad but they have good parmesan and decent dressing and good croutons.


Their lettuce is good but not the best. Their salad dressing is subpar, but they have good parmesan and croutons.

Central Pizza

Their pizza is far better than their Caesar Salad, but their dressing is decent; however, everything else is subpar, to say the least. 

Saltgrass Steak House 

Again they should stick to steaks. I’ve had better caesar salads elsewhere. This is why it is so low on the list. Their dressing is decent though.

Market Eatz 

Their lettuce is fresh, but their dressing tastes like straight-up anchovies. I’ve had better dressing, and their parmesan tastes like cardboard flavored cheese, and their croutons are subpar.