A Day In The Life Of A Softball Player: Madison Heydari

Spring has arrived and that means softball season is in full swing. I’ve decided to take a closer look into one of the senior softball players -Madison Haydari- and see what a day in the life of a softball player is like. I asked her some simple day to day questions about her morning, school, and most importantly, softball. 

Madison wakes up and gets her grid on at a solid 7:00 am. She says that a breakfast of champions is “a bowl of nails”. Nothing less nothing more. But if you are not as intense as her, a protein bar will do the trick. After getting her things together for school and practice; she leaves her house around 7:20/7:30am to go to school. I asked her about her classes and what a typical day is like, she goes on to describe how her days goes; “Everyday is hectic. I also have the attention span of a peanut and tend to forget things. One thing I can’t forget, though, is when Taylor Domingue brought a curling iron to school and Austin Arceneaux started curling our hair. Not gonna lie… if Kansas doesn’t work out, he could be a hairstylist.” It’s easy to say that there is never a dull moment in at school for Madison.

Now to the important part. Softball. Madison plays right field and occasionally run bases, but she likes to say that she is the “designated cheerleader.” A typical practice starts at 3:02 and ends at 5:05. She says that everyday is different and yesterday they practiced stealing and running bases. She talks a little bit about her Coach, Coach Whitt, and says that he has put everything into his team and has created softball players from nothing. He can be hard on them but it’s all in a loving way.

She would like to say this, “PLEASE come to the softball games this year. Watch my girls work hard. Everybody sleepin’ on softball but we have the most fun! COME SUPPORT.”