The “Reffed” Up Saints Game


Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Many of us, New Orleans Saints fans would say “Who Dat?” on a regular basis, this past weekend we were all left saying “What Was Dat?” On Sunday, January 20th the New Orleans Saints faced off against the Los Angeles Rams to claim the title of NFC Champions.  Spoiler Alert: The game did not go in our favor.

Our Saints played a really good game, but the Rams put up a fight. Many fans became furious when the officials did not call pass interference against the Rams defensive back Robey Colman. Senior Andrew Gagnard explains, “They definitely should have thrown a flag. That was insane!” Sean Peyton, Head Coach of the Saints, along with every single Saints fan, was left speechless and in disbelief.   With the 4th quarter ending in a tie (23-23), the game was forced into overtime. All hope was lost in overtime when Drew Brees was pressured and threw an interception right in the hands of a Ram. The final score of the championship games was (26-23) in favor of the Los Angeles Rams. Needless to say, us Saints fans were not too happy.

There are many theories about why the officials did not penalize the Rams. Some people believe that the referees of the championship game were bribed by the Rams. Other question their eyesight and knowledge. Sophomore Estelle Broussard thinks “the Saints were robbed. The ref’s even admitted to missing the call!” Many believe that the title was stolen right from our Saints fingertips.  Even though the outcome of the game was not what we were expecting, we will get them next year. Until then, I guess all we can say is “Who Dat all the way!”