Farewell Jilly Bean


Lauren Liprie, Staff Writer

As you know, Mrs. Hebert has been pregnant for the first semester and we knew there was going to be a time where we would have to say farewell. Having Mrs. Hebert as a teacher was an amazing experience because of the many laughs we had in that class. As I had juniors Will Frentz, John Picard, Gus Maraist and Marielissa Perez all in my classes, they would eventually cause her to lose her sanity where she would “jokingly” threaten us and almost go into labor. Although her class was chill, if you passed by her classroom, you would see us “harassing” her for juuling and being in the state of pregnancy.

Taking her place is a substitute teacher named Dr. Lormand. Being used to Mrs. Hebert teaching style, we are taking quite a while to get comfortable in class when he would guest lecture. Don’t get me wrong: he is a decent substitute, but we all have a hard time learning because there is no pizzazz and we miss being able to relate to figure that was more than a teacher to us. My seventh hour chemistry class, who was never quiet, was quiet when he would lecture. Although we are learning the same material as we would with her, it just not the same experience.

When I asked junior Marielissa Perez how she felt about Mrs. Hebert leaving she said, “I was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to go to her for my problems, but I know she cares about her students.” She also said, “For some reason she decided to care about me and believe in me and I felt that everything she was doing was genuine.” She always went the extra mile to make sure her students felt prepared or got there help they needed, inside and outside the classroom. She saw the true capabilities of all her students and pushed them to meet the standards she felt they were capable of. Mrs. Hebert really believed that if you didn’t to pay attention, that was your choice and  you still have to take the test on the material. This was a total alpha move preparing us for college where they won’t require us to be there or pay attention. Over all Jilly Bean is a solid 10/10 being a great teacher and a great mother figure to her 7th hour this year. From 7th hour much love Jilly Bean!