Puppies and Kittens and Squirrels, Oh My!


Photo Credit: Piper Blancher

Piper Blancher, Co-Editor

This Friday, September 21, was Ascension’s annual Blessing of the Pets ceremony. Taking place under the pavilion during break, all-school chaplain Father Brant Montgomery presided over the ceremony with a prayer for the school and a blessing of health for the animals. Father Montgomery even went on to tell students of the hectic 7:30 a.m. service Downtown, “I saw it all from salamanders to bunnies to goldfish!”

Sugar Mill Pond students took time out of Chapel and break to visit with the four-legged friends of students and faculty alike. Some teachers, such as Miss Delhomme and Mrs. Robert, brought their canine friends to visit with students during class. Senior Lillian and sophomore Estelle Broussard brought their Weimaraner Daisy to receive a special blessing from Father Montgomery and to play with everyone else’s furry friends. Students from varying grade levels fell in love with eighth grader Megan Huff’s adorable pet squirrel, Peanut (the most exotic of the SMP pets).

Mrs. Bourque’s 4th hour Journalism class took time out of their busy lesson to run around the grassy area and play fetch in the halls with Maisie, Mrs. Robert’s one-year-old English Springer Spaniel. Members of the class ran the halls, visiting different classrooms to show off their newfound furry friend and introduce her to students from all over the school. When asked about how she felt about the love students felt for Maisie, Mrs. Robert exclaimed, “From the time she was a little puppy she’d come to school with me so she was so excited to be back in school. She loved everyone, and I was happy have her with me!”

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