Booksacks: Are They Really Necessary?


Missy Bourdier, Staff Writer

Whether you call them booksacks or backpacks, these accessories have been considered completely necessary in order have a successful school day. It was not until last week that I started to question this all together. Monday, I had what most would call a rough morning, but I, however, just call it a morning. Due to my inability to ever wake up on time, I was in a rush to get out of my house and into school before the 8:00 bell. After doing a quick scan of my room, I assumed that my booksack had to be in the trunk of my car. I got in and drove to school without a worry in the world. When I finally got there, I opened my trunk and learned something terrible. I was wrong.

For people who know me, a situation like this is not out of the ordinary. Because that I live thirty minutes away from school, going home was not an option. So, being the laid back person that I normally am, I decided to take my mistake and roll with it. I called it a “social experiment”, which was probably not the right term, but I have learned that if you say anything with confidence, most people will just assume you are right. Do you really need all of your books and supplies to have a successful school day? This is the question that I was determined to answer. I checked out a laptop from Mrs. Delcambre and headed to my first class. Everything went smoothly and they continued to go this way throughout the day. I did not miss or long for my book sack or the supplies in it. I had everything I needed with the computer and my phone.

In conclusion I would have to say that although I probably could have used a pen or two, overall a booksack is useless. They cause back pain, neck pain, and migraines, which is detrimental to a student’s work day. I think I will start forgetting my booksack more often.