Sista, Sista


Hannah Dees, Staff Writer

With a new school year comes new students, which allows the chances of new relationships. This past Friday, a majority of the senior girls participated in the “Big Sis Little Sis” festivities. Each willing senior was paired with a eighth grade girl as a way to make the transition to high school more comfortable for the incoming students. With our steadily growing student body, it is easy for these young students to get lost in the mass of people walking through the halls. Senior Bryn Daneshfar had a few words to say about her little sis: “This is her first year at Ascension, so it’s nice to be able to be a familiar face for her in the halls. I had such a fun time planning my gifts for her and seeing her reaction!” The motivation behind this program is the childlike excitement of getting to know new people and creating new long lasting friendships.

The plan for the reveal was for each big sis to find a partner idea that her and her little can encompass together. Some of these pairs included things like M&M, burgers and fries, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and salt and pepper. However, there were a few more seniors than eighth graders, so this caused some littles to have two bigs. This meant that those groups had to plan pairs including three, such as s’mores, characters from the Lion King, and various types of fruits. Big Sis Grace Hill commented on sharing a little sis, saying, “I was super excited about sharing a little sis with Sage! Being able to walk alongside her through her journey of faith and the chaos of 8th grade with one of my best friends is incredible!” Each little sis had to run a gauntlet made up of flour bombs, water slides, and ending with a pool of shaving cream. To say that it was a bit messy is an understatement!

After the girls made it through their obstacle course, they looked for a clue with their name on it. The clues were the other half of the pairs, whether it be a drawing, an object, or even real food. Once they had found their clues, the littles set off to find their matching pair. Afterwards, everyone headed to the foyer to enjoy some ice cream and take pictures. Overall, everyone involved had an amazing time and truly enjoyed investing in new relationships. The “Big Sis Little Sis” program is a wonderful way of showing the younger students, especially the girls, that high school is not as scary as it seems. Hopefully, the idea of “Big Sis Little Sis” will continue for years to come as a way to welcome and ease the transformation from middle school to high school.