Eighth Grade to Palmetto


Meghan Hartman, Staff Writer

Last Friday, the eighth grade class took a trip to Palmetto Island State Park to facilitate bonding and high school readiness. This was the first year this trip has taken place at Ascension. Among the teachers on this trip were Mrs. Landry, Ms. Cucchiara, Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Walker. Also on the trip were student class leaders such as Elizabeth Lee and Grace Hill.

“It was fun getting closer with them, and they’re a fun group. Bonding was cool because you never get to spend one-on-one time with the eighth graders,” says Grace Hill. The eighth graders had the privilege of not worrying about school for a day and taking part in fun activities. Some activities they did were canoeing, and going on a nature trail. The group also participated in team-building exercises such as trust falls and making a human knot. Head Prefect Elizabeth Lee, who helped out on the trip, said, “I think it was a lot of fun for all the eight graders and a good way for them to get close before their first year of high school.” Ms. Cucchiara adds, “Being able to spend time with our students outside of class was so much fun!  I love to see our kids enjoy problem solving and hear them talk about their thought process with each other.”

This trip seems to have been a success for all those who attended, and I think it is safe to say that it will become a new tradition among many here at Ascension.