Puerto Rico Mission Trip

Isabel Hinds, Sport's Writer

This was the first year in Ascension history, Coach Walker decided to take a mission trip to Puerto Rico over Mardi Gras break with 28 people. Multiple people who were on the trip have been talking about it all week saying how much fun it was. It was extremely organized and centered around Christ and serving people who are less fortunate.

Sophomore, Caroline Zaunbrecher said “Coach Walker made us devotional booklets and we would get up 30 minutes early and do Bible study as a big group.”

Her most memorable moment on the trip was going to the school and talking to a bunch of the little kids and seeing how happy they were with what they had. Another student said going to the orphanage was extremely sad but made them have a different perspective on life.  Another positive aspect of the trip was that the property and land were beautiful. All the kids that went on the trip definitely have a different perspective on how people in other places live. This mission trip is something everyone should consider next year and start praying about it with their families.