Student Spotlight: Samantha Sawvel

Student Spotlight: Samantha Sawvel

There is a familiar face that has been attending AES since pre-K. This person goes by the name of Samantha Sawvel, and most people know her as Sam.

Sam is a freshman at AES and has been going to Ascension for about 10 years, which is “basically her life,” as she says.

Samantha is on the JV volleyball team and also on the Quiz Bowl team. She is also part of the music programĀ  at AES.

Samantha was born and raised in Lafayette and has an older brother, Baxter Sawvel.

Her favorite hobbies are singing, playing guitar and piano, drawing, writing, and reading as long as she is reading something interesting. Samantha’s favorite subject is English and favorite color is light blue.

When asked what is something most people did not know about know about her, she replied, “Most didn’t know I could sing before the Homecoming Week concert. Also, I draw a lot,” said Sam. “I’ve owned a rat and and a hedgehog before. There aren’t many things that people don’t know about me.”

Sam’s favorite genre of music is alternative, but she also listens to rock and pop.

When asked what she liked about Ascension, she replied, “We are given so much freedom on campus,” said Sam. “Also, I love how at Ascension, almost everyone knows each other. Personally, I love being able to know most of the other students and teachers.”

Sam’s classmates say they appreciate what she brings to the freshman class.

“We became friends at around sixth grade and found out that we share the same thoughts and ideas, and we are really good friends,” says Freshman Emily Strenge.