Stephen Lutz: Yesterday, the X Games; Tomorrow, the Yankees

Stephen Lutz: Yesterday, the X Games; Tomorrow, the Yankees

Above all else, Freshman Stephen Lutz is an athlete.

“Sports are my life,” said Stephen.  “I play pitcher and outfield for the baseball team, and I play guard and post for the basketball team.”

Beyond his involvement with school sports, Stephen is a competitive skate boarder who spent a week in Los Angeles, California to compete in the X Games last summer.  He was asked to go by a group of professional skateboarders he met in Florida a couple of years ago.

“I did pretty good for being there my first time,” said Stephen.  “The ramps were a lot different and harder than the ones in Lafayette.”

Stephen got into skateboarding through his friends in the neighborhood. His most memorable moment from the X Games was meeting big name skaters like Shaun White and Ryan Sheckler.

Stephen, who has a prosthetic leg, does not give much thought to his condition.

“I don’t see myself as disabled,” said Stephen. “I just see myself as an athlete who gives 100 percent and loves being apart of a team and competing.”

Stephen was born in Krasnodar, Russia and was adopted by his parents as a baby.  He has been attending Ascension now for five years.  Before Ascension, he attended Woodvale and Westminster Academy.

Stephen says that his favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and football, but sports aren’t his only interest. If he could see anyone in concert, he would choose Lil’ Wayne.

“In 10 years I hope to be the pitcher for the NY Yankees,” said Stephen.  “I dream big!”