Touring College: The First Step in Your College Decision


It’s the time that the seniors dread the most…college touring season. Juniors, don’t worry, your time is right around the corner. The same hundred of questions such as  “Where are you planning to go to college?” or “What are you wanting to major in?”, especially at family events, since it’s their go-to conversation starter. You’ll give the same uncertain answer everytime, it’ll get annoying, trust me, I know the feeling. Don’t get too stressed, since you have a long way to go, but looking at options now won’t hurt. Soon, you will embark on a week-long tour across different states looking at different colleges. All juniors usually attend this trip, and it is highly recommended by past students who also went. Here are some things to keep in mind while on the tour.

One of the first steps is to decide if you want to go to a big or small college. That will narrow down your options a good bit. Look into the sports that they offer, since school spirit is a big part of the college experience. Living with your friend, or stranger, will be plenty of getting used to, so make sure you like to dorms or living space that they offer you. With whatever you choose to major in, look into that department to see if it up to your standards and if it is a successful program. The dining hall will be your best friend so check if the food options are good, along with any allergies you have. Another good way to get involved is to join a sorority/fraternity or a club that you’re interested in.

After touring a college, you are left with burning curiosity. Most students base their college decisions off of how close they are to home, I know most of my friends are homebodies. Some choose their college because their friends are going there. Personally, that’s not a choice that you should be making because if your friends, because this is YOUR future. Here’s my advice to those who are struggling with their decision: Go somewhere that’s nowhere close to home. I know it can be scary to step outside of your comfort zone after having the same ole friends and going to the same ole school for the past five or so years. I can promise you that there is so much more to experience, and more that is being offered, than just your comfort zone.