“Sick”O Mode


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Graci Hargrave, Staff Writer

When you come to school every morning, what do you hear? Constantly sniffling, sneezing, coughing, general complaints and other noises relating to illness, right? Correct, and that’s because near EVERYONE is sick. Strep, sinus infections, basic allergies, here at Ascension, we’ve got every sickness you could ever even dream of having! Here’s one thing I also know: no one really wants to be sick (except for the people who want to miss school because their stress levels are maxed out right now). So here are some tips and tricks from two upperclassmen who have recently fallen ill, as well as their personal accounts of how much being sick sucks.

Junior Grace Roy says, “Being sick really made me miss out on so much. I had to catch up on my school work, and already felt like I was falling behind just after a day of being sick. The steroid shot didn’t even help me FYI, and I had to resort to antibiotics. The worst part was everyone kept telling me ‘Oh Grace you got me sick!’ even though what I had wasn’t even contagious. My best tips for anyone who is sick is to just stay home for the day or go to the walk-in clinic. If the steroid shot doesn’t help you either, just be sure to take something that will help you feel better with a doctor’s discretion.” Grace makes a wonderful point. If you’re feeling super ill, you should definitely invest in taking a trip to your doctor. Not only does that insure you will be okay, but it ensures everyone else at Ascension will be okay by you not getting them sick. 

Our next personal account comes from senior Emily Roberts. She says, “I got sick less than a week into school. I fell behind on school work before I could even really get started, which really sucked. I got a steroid shot, and it worked temporarily… then I got sick again and had to get another shot. If I could give anyone any advice it would be to constantly wash your hands and take a multivitamin or something! Please!” Like Grace, Emily came with some good advice. Washing your hands keeps the germs from spreading around the school, and it can really help you from getting sick. Multivitamins are a good way to keep your immune system in check. They will always be a good source of essential nutrients, and if you’re not really getting them from the healthiest food choices (we’re high schoolers, let’s just be honest) then they’re a life saver sometimes.

Hopefully the students of SMP will soon feel better and we will have an amazing year!!