Ascension Hates Facial Hair, Loves Single Blade Razors

Taylor Doss, Staff Writer

To begin this controversial discussion, does the presence of facial hair on males affect the professionalism or ability to learn here at Ascension? I think I speak for the majority, not minority, when I answer this question with a confident no! No, hairy faces and freshly groomed beards are not beneficial or detrimental to the academic ability of any given student. Our faculty would quickly respond that beards can injure the ability to maintain professionalism in a respectable environment.

To this I ponder a teacher’s right to grow a pleasant beard or mustache if desired, as seen in Mr. Walker or Mr. Mick. Sure, they are employees of the school and grown men, but to the reoccurring tours taking place, what’s the difference between Mr. Walker and myself? We both enjoy wearing khakis and a freshly ironed, collared shirt that is tucked tightly and held up by a fashionable belt. The difference is the presence of facial hair. So, is Mr. Walker encouraging professionalism in our school? I’ll leave you to chew on this for a while.