The Drive In Movie

It has become an Ascension tradition for the student leaders to host a drive in movie for the Ascension Episcopal student body. This year was no different. As we gathered around the back of the pavillion, students pulled their cars, setup pillows and blankets in their trunks that were aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyed quality time with their friends. The movie we watched was the classic, all-time favorite Elf. We were greeted with gumbo, Christmas cookies, and hot chocolate to serve the students while watching and having a great time.

Asking around the parking lot, I talked to many people who deemed this year’s awesome tradition a success. Talking to senior Marielissa Perez, she believes that “it was a great way for the school to show some Christmas spirit.” I also asked another senior Gus Maraist, who happily says that “the gumbo was delicious, the movie was funny, and being a part of something so special while sharing it with my friends for the last time was great.” In agreeance with Gus, Julianne Echelard shares that it was sentimental being with her friends doing something that we won’t be able to replicate. Coming from a different perspective, however, while talking to 8th grader Kira Braun, she details, “the drive-in movie was really fun, and since it was my first time, I really enjoyed the night hanging out with my friends. I can’t wait for next year’s drive-in!” 

It was a great moment that took place in Ascension history. For the seniors, since it was their last one, they felt they had made the best out of it. For the upcoming classes, they felt like it was a night to remember and are looking forward to the next one. In short, the entire night left an outstanding and lasting impact on everyone, from the student body to the faculty members.