Students Stage The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Brittni Clements, Editor in Chief

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The upper school library was transformed into a theater Wednesday, December 8 when 23 8th – 12th graders–and one fourth grader–starred in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Lauren Graham, Bennett Anderson, Emily Daly, Lucas Duhon, Michael Gad, Jason Vallee, Allison Vizzi, Luis Alvarez, Adam Duplechain, Taylor Beadle, Lois Diedjomahor, Eileena Dupre, Destiny Fordis, Taylor Webb, Chusse-Lonna Dardar, Ryan Elizabeth Gambel, Mercedes Alvarez, Catherine Anderson, Connor Day, Will Boland, Luke Butcher, and Andrew Butcher.  Helen Kerns provided piano accompaniment, and Erin Patin worked the lighting and sound for the play.

“I thought the play was really good!” said Alexandra Smith.  “My favorite part was Taylor Beadle and her witty comments.”

The story concerned a church group whose Christmas pageant was thrown into chaos when the unruly and unkempt Herdmans volunteered to join the cast. However, the Herdmans learned the true meaning of Christmas, making it the best pageant the church had ever had.

Scenes featured Luis Alvarez storming the stage in fireman’s garb, Allison Vizzi leaping across the stage as an avenging angel, and Andrew Butcher as a lecturing clergyman.

“They rehearsed two days a week for the last six weeks in the very cramped area at the front of my classroom without any complaints,” said Mrs. Chance. “I am so proud of all of them.”

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Students Stage The Best Christmas Pageant Ever